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The seat and back of the chair are made to fit your personal measurements. The chair has an integral footrest and may be made with or without armrests.  Its unique feature, which makes it so suitable for people with restricted growth, is that  it can be raised and lowered using a simple hand control . Thus you can lower the chair for ease of sitting on it and then raise it to the appropriate height for the work surface or desk.  Similarly the process can be reversed  for getting off the chair in a dignified way which also avoids any twisting movements that are liable to aggravate back problems.  The chairs are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours.


We are constantly moving forwards to refine the product with the  help of parents, occupational therapists, the RGA and our previous customers.

In many cases financial assistance with purchasing the chair can be obtained from your local authority (within the UK) speak to your physiotherapist for more information. Each chair is manufactured to the individual measurements of each customer for maximum comfort.