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Introducing the Fenland Eagle, the little chair with a big heart. This design is in response to requests from customers who have our kestrel chair for a power driven version.

The Fenland Eagle is an indoor chair intended for use by children and adults suffering inhibited growth who have mobility problems. The Fenland Eagle comes with all the features of our Kestrel range as standard. The maximum speed is 7kph (4.4mph), which will allow it to keep up with other chairs on the market. The digital control system by Dynamic permits full pre-programming to account for environmental and user requirements.

The Fenland Eagle is designed for indoor use and as with the Kestrel chair is compact for use within the educational environment. The Fenland Eagle has a range of approximately 4 miles, adequate for a day's use in school. The standard elevation of the seat is through the joystick. For safety reasons whenever the chair is elevated, the speed of the Fenland Eagle is automatically reduced to a creep, to allow final positioning.

As with any chair utilising Dynamic control systems, there are options for alternative control interfaces to permit users with disabilities to operate the chair. Puffer, matrix and attendant control are only some options available. Fenland as with the Kestrel range manufacture the entire chassis and seats in house at their Whittlesey plant. This in house manufacturing brings to a new level, the possibilities for custom built chairs which with the flexibility of the control system make variations limited only by imagination and innovation.

The Fenland Eagle is the little chair with big possibilities for little people who have a big future.



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Eagle Infant Chair Junior Chair Senior Chair

Eagle Infant Junior Senior


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